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Make sure your vehicle is accurately covered by having a certified auto appraisal performed.

Insurance Claims

Whether or not your automobile was declared a toal loss or you're claiming diminished value for a non-at fault accident, have our licensed vehicle appraisers carry out an appraisal displaying the authentic price of the claim.

Commercial Appraisals

Drive a commercial truck or own a commercial fleet of vehicles? Have them properly covered by having a certified auto appriasal performed. Even if you have a claim, our certified auto appraisers will show true market value.

Custom Car Appraisals

Whether you have a custom classic car or a high end exotic car, have a certified auto appraisal performed to ensure an accurate valuation of your car for purchases/financing, selling, donations and court cases.

It's time, you had an appraisal

All of our certified auto appraisers are trained to handle all types of appraisals for Total Loss, Diminished Value, Classic Cars, Stated Value,  Lease Turn-In, Insurance Coverage, and More!

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are now requiring Certified Auto Appraisals when stating your coverage value. We can determine what amount the insurance company should pay for the loss.

Commercial Appraisals

We cover a wide variety of services including Industrial, Construction & Heavy Equipment Appraisals.

Custom Car Appraisals

Our appraisers come to you to fully document your custom or stock car, motorcycle, truck, boat or watercraft.

SeismiQ Claims selected Appraisal services:

SeismiQ Claims is experienced in all lines of appraising.

Total Loss / Stolen Vehicle Appraisals

Motor Homes / Travel Trailer Appraisals

Custom Car Appraisals

Industrial, Construction & Heavy Equipment Appraisals

Customers who talk about us

SeismiQ Claims Service are well known and respected experts and consultants in the automotive industry.

If you are looking to increase your insurance coverage on your vehicle, SeismiQ Claims Service is fast, knowledgeable and amazing to work with.

-Rick Bent

Book value did not justify my vehicles value when I was in an accident.  SeismiQ Claims Service certified auto appraisers worked directly with my insurance company and got me the best value for my 18 Wheeler.

-Brian Ross

SeismiQ Claims Service routinely handles the appraisal of our large fleet of vehicles.  Our vans and trucks are taken care of in a timely manner.

-Steven Parsh

My insurance company require me to obtain a certified auto appraisal for my Classic Car. SeismiQ Claims Service got me a stated value appraisal to cover money spent customizing my vehicle. 

-John Bradley

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